Jules Smith – BA (Graphic Design) FdA (Integrative Counselling) Diploma (Herbalism)

Mental wellbeing: A positive state of being. Feeling safe and able to cope, with a sense of connection to people, communities and the wider environment.

I have an authentic and ethical desire to provide a safe and supportive space, a place where you can speak openly in complete confidence and be treated with kindness, explore your painful or distressing feelings and concerns and be listened to with respect. You can courageously voice your unspoken words and make your way through fearful emotions without judgement. Through bringing your life challenges to the light, the path becomes clearer to finding your own way forward as an autonomous individual. I honour your unique life experience, depression, anxiety, bereavement, addiction, trauma, pain, whatever you are suffering. Often, resolving mental issues releases physical issues, releasing spiritual issues releases mental issues. This holistic approach integrates mental, physical, emotional and spiritual experiences within you. It is relational, as a mirror to your pain, I am with you on your journey.

The therapeutic relationship and a willingness to be there is the key to healing. Integrative counselling can incorporate many different approaches and so I can provide you with the maximum benefits for your needs.

I use a combination of methods including a psychodynamic approach in understanding how history and conditioning impacts on our everyday experience of ourselves and our relationship with others, being mindful of the complexity of human experience. I help you find tools which can gently erase those patterns which cause pain or are no longer useful at a pace which suits you. Questions, reflections, summaries, exercises, art, visualisations, mindfulness, affirmations, gestalt and creative techniques. Metaphysical insight and seeing from a different angle enable you to get a clearer understanding of your challenges and discover effective ways of addressing them. I am fully qualified to help you to free yourself from mental, physical and spiritual pain to fulfill your potential in non-frightening and even enjoyable ways. These are tools which will assist you for the rest of your life and will be unique to you.

I have a degree from St. Martins school of Art in London and a Foundation degree in Integrative Counselling from University of Worcester. In addition to this, many years of life experience and interest within the arts and mental health have given me wisdom and insight into the psychology of the human mind and empathy for human suffering. I have completed Buddhist retreats and courses, past life and painting retreats. I have ongoing training in Non Violent Communication. Within the arts, some examples of courses I have completed are Etching, woodcarving, papermaking, felting, basketmaking, clay oven making and timber framing. My Ecotherapy experience has been assisted by a Permaculture course, building an off-grid cabin and managing 20 acres of woodland for 12 years.

Counselling one to one

I offer a free half hour one to one session to see if you connect with me.

Counselling in a woodland setting (ecotherapy)

Ecotherapy brings together ecology, psychotherapy and spirituality to illustrate how engagement in nature is powerful and transformative. By feeling ourselves as nature rather than thinking we are above and beyond it, we can begin to return to a relationship with the natural conditions that once provided us with the core of our psychological, spiritual, physical and cultural sustenance. I suggest that the rapid withdrawal from nature is the source of damaging alienation from a part of ourselves and the result of many deep seated fears and lack of sense of security. By embracing ecologically aware therapeutic models, profound transformations of emotional states can occur and the sense of security in ourselves is regained.

  • Sessions are led by trained professional therapists who are there to support you
  • The focus is on doing an activity, in relationship to your health
  • It take place in a green environment
  • Ecotherapy is related to exploring and appreciating the natural world (outer and inner)
  • It can involve spending time with other people, or you can always choose to interact at your own pace.
  • Some activities are:
  • Clay work
  • Grow food
  • Survival-foraging in the wild
  • Survival-collecting firewood
  • Nature meditation and mindfulness
  • Nature based artwork
  • Discussion/counselling sessions about your relationship with the earth and yourself.
  • Developing a connection with some aspect of the woodland

Therapeutic art classes

These classes use therapeutic art tools to give your feelings and emotions an avenue of expression. I will be there to guide you through the projects and processes, using paintings, drawings, clay sculpting and visualizations to understand these emotions.

No experience of art is necessary, this is a place to just let go and be creative. You can take your art home, along with the knowledge to help you with your day to day feelings.

Materials are included in the cost and refreshments will be available throughout the day, just bring your-self and some lunch.

One day therapeutic art class and shorter sessions

Expressive painting

Within this class, we will explore;

  • Meditation to relax and calm
  • Visualisation to connect with your imagination and intuition
  • Clay work
  • Expressive painting, collage and drawing
  • Understanding feelings and emotions

For shorter sessions, we will choose one or a combination of any of the techniques in the classes to explore your feelings and emotions.

Five day therapeutic art classes

Drawing a mandala

This course will cover the exercises in the one day classes and we will also explore;

  • Group drawing and sculpting
  • Learning drawing and painting skills
  • Natural environment study
  • Drawing and understanding a Mandala

For the full itinerary please email or phone me.

The Venues

Therapeutic art classes can take place outside, (weather permitting) and/or inside at Silent Haven. Some therapeutic art classes may also be organised at other venues in future. Ecotherapy takes place exploring the 20 acres of woodland at Silent Haven.

There may be some excercises which would benefit working as a group and some where you can work alone. All classes have flexibility to suit the individual. Inevitably, there will be overlaps due to the nature of the place and some ecotherapy ideas will come through in the therapeutic art classes, likewise painting and drawing may come through in the ecotherapy classes. Some therapeutic art classes may also be organised at other venues in future.