The Past

Silent Haven started as an inkling in the heart of a young girl, Julie Smith, who was raised along with her brother Michael in the English town of XXXX in Yorkshire, and then in the town of Leicester.

The inkling began as a toy of a teepee and a Native American, objects which became the symbols and repositories of all that Julie wanted to rebel against, as she grew tired of her stifling English parents and her stifling country.

According to her mother, when Julie went to art school at aged 18 in London -the renowned St Martin’s school of Art- that’s when everything went wrong. Julie got into drugs, lesbianism and modern art! The last was almost more than her poor mother could bear.

At St Martin’s the vision of [something like] Silent Haven grew.

Then in Italy the vision of [something like] Silent Haven grew.

Then in America, the seeds of Silent Haven took a pacific watering and a large dose of California sunshine…

In the following years from her flat in Wood Green, Jules dreamed of green woods, and leaving the city for her patch of land, where her childhood inkling would finally be painted into a full picture, complete with…

Then along came a strange beast, part ogre, part elf, part man and part fairy. He