The Future

Nature connection is important to how I want to work with guests as a group leader and counsellor.

Silent Haven is a unique example of successful off-grid living and environmental responsibility. It can be a blueprint and inspiration for future off-grid projects to build on. Each place built in this way would be unique, as all depends on location, budget, resources and the functioning minds and needs of those who build them.

I generally work alone and this way I feel in control of what is happening. It does make the pace of progress very slow, which means fewer people get to experience the qualities of the place. Therefore, I would love to manifest enough money to pay other people to do all the necessary jobs which would enable the place to be up and running and continue to run smoothly. Jobs such as; setting up retreats and courses, harvesting and marketing the products, forestry, gardening, planning courses and keeping the place well maintained whilst ensuring it’s integrity as a semi-wilderness.

There is a balance to be made. It is important to let people know about, not just the existence of Silent Haven, but about what it, or places like it can do for wellbeing, mental health and the environment. It is however, very important to keep it’s integrity, which is for it not to become a commercial venture; it is first and foremost a retreat FROM the world of money, consumption, mass production into simplicity, beauty, creativity, good mental health and good physical health, sharing, joy, contentment, non-attachment, abundance in all it’s forms…