Silent Haven original teas

The plants harvested for teas mostly grow wild or on a small scale on 20 acres of woodland in the most remote part of England. They are totally organic, grown on soil which has not been touched by pesticides for at least 30 years. These qualities make them the purest products available. All the teas are attributed with medicinal qualities. The teas harvested from the woodland are subject to availability. Nature dictates what we can consume. The teas Unique Selling Point therefore, is that we are keeping an extremely low impact on the planet. So, you can not only enjoy a delicious and supremely healthy tea, you can do so knowing that you have been an advocate in dealing global warming.

They are foraged gently by hand from trees planted and blessed over 19 years ago and growing well. We share the products with the wild animals who also consume them, such as the wild bees who love the linden flowers when they bloom at the end of July.

A selection of packaged teas

The following is a list of the teas which have been foraged or grown from the land and their medicinal qualities: Nettle: Detox, relief of arthritis, rheumatism and gout. Helps with circulation. Meadowsweet: Natures pain relief. Linden: Helps relieve high blood pressure, migraine, headaches. Plantain: Helps reduce the production of mucus in the respiratory tract. Relief of catarrh and congestion. Hawthorn: Heart tonic. Balances high and low blood pressure. Improves nutrition. Mint: (cultivated and wild): Stimulating. Good for digestion. Helps relieve nausea, mental fatigue, depression and headaches.

Here are some information leaflets to accompany the teas: