Silent Haven Interior

Entrance to the cabin through the conservatory

The bathroom. Water is plumbed in from the gravity fed borehole. Hot water comes through the back boiler in the wood burner and into a hot water tank. All gravity fed.

The Kitchen and back door.

Sliding doors open up to the decking area and garden. Rainwater and borehole spring water are plumbed into the kitchen sink

The Kitchen, view from the back entrance

The kitchen to the conservatory

Looking out into the garden from the kitchen

Looking through the kitchen into the cabin

The cabin, writing/drawing area

The cabin

The wood burner heats the cabin and the hot water system.

The bedroom is an attic space with a single bed on one side and a double bed on the other side

The compost loo. A simple system, a bucket which is emptied into 3 large compost bins when full. Simply add sawdust or ash each time you use it. The compost rots down and in a couple of years there is beautiful transformed compost for the garden

Washing area for the compost loo. Rainwater is collected from the roof into a tank.